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Hi, I'm Nikole, I want to thank you for coming by, I am truly grateful for your interest in who I am and why I am doing what I do.  Building a business that allows for a work-life balance, especially during school hours, can be incredibly valuable for parents who want to be present for their children's important moments. This is why I began Queen Of Cleaning in the way that I have, thank you for coming along on the journey!

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My Story

Oh, hey all. I am Nikki CEO of Queen of Cleaning & Staging. If you are anything like me, you want to get to know someone before you gain a relationship with them. After all, our time is precious. I’m not here to waste your time and I hope that is the same for you. So let me tell you a little bit about me and my business. 

Growing up wasn’t ideal for me. We moved a lot. I went to countless public school’s, and had a difficult time making friends because we were never in one place for to long. I think this is why relationships are so important to me now that I am an adult. I cherish them. To my core.


I started my nursing career in 2008, which I loved. I cared for some beautiful souls, gained so many wonderful bonds with people, but like most I burnt out quickly. I was missing out on alot of things in life. Christmas with my children, 1st Halloween’s, anniversary’s. The weight of working 2 doubles back to back, and then coming home to be a Mama wore me down. Growing up I always helped with cleaning, I always wanted to lend a hand if you were re-doing your room, or picking out new furniture. It was my passion. Not work. One night I came home after losing one of my favourite patients. I was heart broken. I sat there in my office and cried like a baby. I knew my heart wasn’t in this anymore. I knew I could no longer offer the once loving, compassionate care I once had. There’s only so much heart break one person can take. It was in that moment I quit I’m job, and started my cleaning business. 

What started with one online ad, became a full schedule within weeks. I hired my 1st employee 6 weeks after opening my business. When hiring that person, I didn’t put too much thought into how or what I was going to grow into. The more I asked myself “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” the more I thought about my times nursing. My endless nights sitting crying in my car because there was nothing I could do to help that person.


I thought about the times my kids would cry because I missed out on Christmas concerts, or speeches. I thought to myself, there has to be other women out there like me. So burnt out that they don’t know what to do. I started revamping my business.


Changed our hours slightly, hired more Mama’s that were just like me a few months before. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t just hire Mama’s, we have a few men on our team, a few women who do not have children, and even some older teens helping out.

But, you see my goal was to give those Mama’s a place they could feel proud of their work, a place where they could leave my door and not have to worry about a thing until their next shift. A place they could leave at 3:00 to pick up their children at 3:30.

A place where they didn’t miss those little or really big events. I know all to well the pressure we have as women, our “to do list” is endless. Again, don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing men here. I’m simply embracing women and there is a difference in that.


All this also became something we stood by with our cleaning too. What can we do to ease your night, Mama? How can we help? We all aren’t in the position of getting home and relaxing, so how can we make that happen for you? Doing a load of laundry? Organizing your pantry? What about changing out those sheets? The little things you won’t have to worry about later. That is how we became what we are today.

Love Nikole

It's Not Just About A Clean Space...

It's about how you feel when we have come through your space and left things lighter and cleaner than when we arrived!



My Heart

My family is everything to me.  I have grown up with a large sisterhood and without them, I am not sure where I would be.  I believe in the importance of family first and that has shaped me in how I run The Queen Of Cleaning. 

When you treat your team and clients the way you treat your family, you have no way to fail!

Thank you for stopping by



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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