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Frequently asked questions

Many of us have the same questions when it comes to hiring a cleaning service and they are really good ones to asked. So, I thought what better way to answer all of them at once than on this amazing platform.

  1. "How do you find the right company?" This is a great question, and a super important one. Finding the right fit for you, your family and most importantly your needs and wants, is a game changer. When we bring on a new client, I look at it this way. Not only are you interviewing me, but I am interviewing you too. Does our company offer the same values and benefits you deserve? Do you value our skills? I always tell our clients to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, check out our website and google reviews before booking an appointment. This way you get a feel for the type of team we are.

  2. "Do you charge hourly?" Here at Queen of Cleaning, we do not charge hourly and I will tell you why. Not only have we been doing this awhile, we also work in teams. Our goal is to come into your home and get your clean done as quickly but most importantly as efficiently as possible. We understand that some families work from home, some get off work at odd hours. Who wants to come home to a bunch of cleaners in your space? I personally place my team members together in a very satirically way. Each team member complements one another. We find this works best for our clients and team members.

  3. "Do you supply your own cleaning supplies ?" We absolutely do, and I will tell you why. Consistencies is super important with any clean. Not only do the staff get highly trained on every product we use, but also on everything you shouldn't use. Some cleaning products out there are incredibly harmful to your pets and your own health. By using the same products in each home, I know that my staff and you are safe.

  4. "Do the same staff come each time?" This is something I truly understand. The last thing I want is our clients to feel uncomfortable in their own home. We understand the sensitivity around us being there. This is YOUR home, YOUR space. When making the schedule, I always try to make sure the same staff is there each visit and if not, you are the 1st to know and approve that plan. Of course people get sick, take time off, and have holidays, luckily for us, that's where I come in. The floater. You will always see the same smiling faces each visit.

  5. "Do you invoice?" We are a registered, insured business. Each client is invoices upon completion. After each clean an invoice is sent to the email we have on file, once the invoice is sent we do ask that you submit payment no later than end of service date. We look at it this way. You do not go get your hair cut and pay a week later, or go grocery shopping and pay a month later. We provide a service, and that payment is due when it is completed. We do offer the option of EMT (E-Mail Tranfer), as well as Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, and PayPal.

  6. "Are you insured?". We are a registered, insured, bonded business.

  7. "Do you do laundry?". We offer many different packages for all our clients needs. During our first conversation, we send out our company standards and cleaning checklist. This document allows us to provide the very best service to you. It also provides me with the proper information to give the team members, and schedule the right amount of time needed in your home. The checklist is uploaded to your client profile. Each team member assigned to your home has the ability to see your checklist (*note: no other personal info is given*). That way upon arriving at your home, the staff knows exactly what they are doing. We also personalize each clean for all our clients to ensure all your needs are met.

We are always here to answer any questions you might have and truly look forward to build a long lasting work relationship with you.

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