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Top 10 Cleaning Hacks Everyone Should Know!

Do you struggle with all those little hacks around the house? Well, Queen of Cleaning and Staging has you covered! We are here to let you in on our little secret's that will help you keep the home looking great.

Before I became a professional cleaner, I never really thought about people simply not knowing how to clean. To some that might sound silly, but when you think about it, there are many reasons you or someone you know might not know those little cleaning hacks that you thought everyone knew. Maybe growing up you never had to do it yourself, and now you are out in the world with a "to do list" that's overwhelming, and let's be honest not always the most fun.

So let us help you. Here are our "Top Ten Cleaning Hacks".

  1. Did you know you do not need to buy a bunch of products for multiple surfaces? With one really good multi purpose cleaner, you can get almost any job done. You do not need to feel overwhelmed with a ton of products and how to use them, start with one good one and work your way up.

  2. Microfibre cloths will be your best friend if used properly. You can buff stainless steel, clean windows, counters and more.

  3. When washing your clothes so many people put way to much liquid in. In this case less is more. Also remember when washing your towels do NOT use fabric softener. Why you ask? Well, fabric softener has a water resistance chemical in it. That's the opposite of what we want our towels to do. We want them to soak up the water. Instead use dryer balls to fluffy up the towels.

  4. A pumice stone can be used on and inside a stove to clean. Actually they will save you a ton of time, energy and cleaning products. All you have to do is make sure both the surface and stone is damp in order to prevent scratches. Work in circles to get that build up gone. You can also use these in toilet with hard water stains too.

  5. Turn off your lights when cleaning glass. The heat from the lights will create streaks. Let the bulbs cool, and wipe away. You will see a huge difference.

  6. Let the product sit for a few minutes. When spraying down your counter (especially) let it sit, for at least 2 mins (longer if you can). This will allow the product to do what it's supposed to do. Then wipe with a clean cloth. If you notice streaking it's most likely caused by a dirty cloth. You should be changing out your kitchen cloth daily.

  7. The kitchen sink it's actually the dirtiest area of the home (hard to believe, right?). It sees so much bacteria. Make sure you disinfect that area. Don't over think it though, you can use vinegar and water, lemon and salt, Lysol, etc.

  8. A lot of the products you buy in the store can be made at home, in a healthier, less toxic way.

  9. Get a scrub daddy, you won't regret it!

  10. If you have glass shower doors, invest in a water resistant cleaner and/or sealer when you can. This will allow the water to bead off the glass, take a dollar store squeegee and wipe it down after you are done to save you scrubbing it at a later time. You can find this product in the car wash section at Canadian Tire or Walmart.

Stay tuned for our cleaning back videos coming soon!

Remember, cleaning doesn't have to be a horrible task. Blast that music, and make it fun. Take it day by day, and check off that list little by little. You've got this!

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