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The Best Cleaning Process

There are so many ways you can clean a home, but do you ever wonder how a cleaning team can come into your home and get the job done in the fraction of the time it takes you? Well, let me tell you why that is.


Most cleaning companies come into your home with more than one team member. This means what you got done in two hours, they can get done in one. Why do you think cleaning companies do this? The top reason is time management. The company is able to book more cleans in the day to service more clients, which in the end makes the company money but also makes the team members more money and most importantly takes care of all our clients needs. Working as a team is super important in any company. I personally make sure each one of my team members works well together, complements and strives together as a whole.

The Process

Most cleaning companies will take their time in training their team members to ensure everyone is on the same page. This includes making sure each member knows the products, is knowledgeable with the checklist, and for myself always keeping up on new products to use that do the job correctly. What is the checklist you ask? Don't worry, we will get into that. Even though cleaning might seem easy to some, it's not as easy as just picking up a cloth and bucket and getting the job done. There are so many factors to take into consideration.

1). Be knowledgeable of your products

Being knowledgeable on products you use is a must when it comes to cleaning. Did you know you could cause a serious reaction if you mix some products? Did you know you can damage certain surfaces if you are using the wrong product? These are important factors to you should be taking the time to read up, and educated yourself on before using any product in your home.

2). Clean so it makes sense

The last thing you want to do is clean a surface to have to go back over it. With my team, I always recommend to start from the furthest checkpoint from the front door and work our way forward. Why? Well, it's simple. You do not want to start in the living room, finish that room to have to walk back over your freshly mopped floor, or newly vacuumed rug. By starting in the back you are ensuring all the dirt, dust and germs are taken care of room by room.

3). Always clean top to bottom

Have you ever cleaned a surface and came back to it and noticed there are little dust bunnies or dirt on the surface? Well, that's because you probably didn't start at the top. By doing this, you are bringing all dirt down. Making sure you get those corners, lighting, ceiling vents, and walls before you spray anything is super important. You truly are creating more work for yourself if you don't follow this one rule. Once the dust is settled, take out the vacuum and remove all those particles. Work in a circle. Start in one corner of the room, closest to the door, work top to bottom making sure to dust highest to lowest (don't forget those baseboards, dressers, tables, lamp shades etc.). Make your way around the room meeting back up on the other side of the door. Now start with your sprays. If you are working in a bathroom, always vacuum before you spray or start using any kind of water. This will save you time in the long run, I promise.

4). Make a checklist

You do not need to have a professional cleaner in order for your home to be clean. You can do all these steps too! If cleaning overwhelms you, start with a cleaning checklist list. You can make one for yourself, find them online, or reach out to us and we can help you with that as well. Focus on the rooms that stress you out the most. Most of the time these rooms tend to be kitchen's, bathrooms, and living rooms. Set a timer and get going. This does not need to be a 4 hour timer. Start with a quick 20 minute timer for each space. A quick pick up, dust, wipe down and floors and you are done. Make sure you make this a fun tasks. Turn on some music, or a podcast or show you like. If you have other family in the home, make it a family task. Each person gets one room, a set timer, and that stress is taken off your shoulders and now you have more time to do the things you love doing with your family.

Now go put on your favourite song, turn up that volume and set your timer. You've got this!

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